Eglinton Annual Show

 After our 2023 show maybe you are keen to get going for next year...

Have a look at our 2023 show classes below.

Every year we make some changes so check back in May 2024 for our new schedule of classes.


Highest Points in classes 1-23 to be awarded the BELFAST TELEGRAPH PERPETUAL CUP

Highest Points in classes 14 & 15  to be awarded the CONN PERPETUAL ROSE BOWL

Highest Points in classes 7-11  to be awarded the EDMISTON PERPETUAL ROSE BOWL

Highest Points in classes 4 & 5  to be awarded the McCREADY PERPETUAL ROSE PLAQUE

  1. House plant grown for foliage
  2. One potted orchid
  3. Any other pot plant in flower
  4. Three hybrid-tea roses, large flowered
  5. Three stems floribunda roses, cluster flowered
  6. Vase of flowering shrubs - may be assorted
  7. One decorative dahlia medium flowered, between 15cms (6”) and 20cms (8”) diameter
  8. Three decorative dahlias, no more than 15cms (6”).
  9. Three cactus dahlias, between 10cms (4”) and 25cms (10”).
  10. Three miniature ball dahlias, no more than 10cms (4”).
  11. Three standard ball dahlias, between 10cms (4”) and 15cms (6”).
  12. Four pansies in vase
  13. Four violas in vase
  14. Six stems of mixed sweet pea in vase
  15. Six stems of mixed sweet pea with minimum of 4 flowers per stem
  16. One cactus
  17. One succulent
  18. A perfect but lonely flower in a vase
  19. One potted decorative grass
  20. Three blooms geranium pelargonium in vase
  21. Three stems of lavender
  22. Outdoor plant in flower - maximum 30cm diameter pot
  23. Three gladioli


Highest Points in classes 24-40  to be awarded the DIXON PERPETUAL CUP

Best Arrangement of flowers from classes 24-40 to be awarded the MALSEED PERPETUAL CUP

24. Lady’s corsage - suitable for a formal event

25. Gentleman’s buttonhole

26. An arrangement using a supermarket or forecourt bunch of flowers. Extra foliage may be added (no more than £5 and price label to be shown)

27. An arrangement to celebrate a ruby wedding anniversary Not to exceed 30cm overall.

28. Arrangement using ‘one’ rose

29. Arrangement in a shell - not to exceed 10cm (4”)

30. An arrangement incorporating sunflowers

31. Flat container of flowers and foliage - not to exceed 13cms (5”) in height

32. Arrangement using not more than 5 flowers - No accessories

33. Tints and shades of one colour using garden flowers only

34. An arrangement in a jam jar.

35. An exhibit depicting “Harvest” (accessories allowed. Not to exceed 30cm overall)

36. An arrangement to celebrate a birth

37. An arrangement using roots shoots and leaves (no flowers)

38. A jug of flowers for the kitchen

39. An arrangement in a basket

40. An arrangement in an old boot. (Accessories allowed)


    41. Bottle of red or white wine

    42. Bottle of cider

    43. Bottle of beer or ale

    44. Bottle of gin based liqueur

    45. Bottle of any other liqueur


    Highest Points in classes 46-48  to be awarded the CORONATION  PERPETUAL CUP

    46. Four bantam eggs.

    47. Four hen eggs.

    48. Four duck eggs.


    Highest Points in classes 49-60  to be awarded the PYPER PERPETUAL CUP

    Highest Points for Berry Jams in classes 50,52,53 & 59  to be awarded the LUCY SPENCE PERPETUAL CUP


    Please use 12 oz (340g) or 1 lb (454g) glass jars with clear covers, no lids unless otherwise stated.

     49. Marmalade jam

    50. Gooseberry jam

    51. Blackcurrant jam

    52. Raspberry jam

    53. Strawberry jam

    54. Rhubarb jam

    55. Plum jam

    56. Lemon curd

    57. Jelly - any variety

    58. Chutney - any variety

    59. Freezer jam in clear plastic container (Strawberry or Raspberry)

    60. Pot of honey (metal lid)


    Highest Points in classes 61-73  to be awarded the ARCHIBALD PERPETUAL CUP

    61. One soda bread - Not in a loaf tin

    62. One farl soda bread - griddle

    63. One soda bread - Fruit

    64. One wheaten bread

    65. Four pieces potato bread

    66. One gingerbread - Baked in a 2 lb loaf tin

    67. Four fruit scones

    68. Four savoury scones

    69. Fruit loaf (Irish Brack) - Baked in a 2 lb loaf tin

    70. Four pancakes

    71. Any yeast bread (Variety to be named)

    72. Any sourdough bread (Variety to be named)

    73. Any gluten free bread (Variety to be named)


    Highest Points in classes 74- 91 to be awarded the SPENCE PERPETUAL CUP

    Highest Points in class 87 to be awarded the CISSIE McINTYRE CUP

    74. One carrot cake - baked in a 2 lb loaf tin.

    75. One cherry cake

    76. One fruit tart

    77. An exhibit of sugarcraft.

    78. One chocolate cake - filled and decorated

    79. One coffee sandwich - Filled and Decorated

    80. One child’s birthday cake

    81. One Victoria sandwich

    82. One madeira cake

    83. One swiss roll – MALE ENTRANTS ONLY

    84. Blackberry crumble slices (6 pieces) – To be made to recipe available on website CLICK HERE

    85. One banana cake

    86. Four pieces of tray bake. Not oven baked

    87. Four shortbread biscuits

    88. Four fruit queen cakes – Baked in paper cases

    89. Four flakemeal biscuits

    90. Two chocolate muffins

    91. Four butterfly cakes


    Highest Points in classes 92-110  to be awarded the W. BURNS PERPETUAL CUP

    Winner of class 109  to be awarded the HART CUP

     92. Four stalks of parsley in water

    93. Four onions - grown from sets

    94. Six pods of French beans

    95. Six pods of runner beans

    96. Six pods of peas – any variety

    97. Any purple vegetable

    98. One pepper – any variety

    99. Two courgettes

    100. One cucumber

    101. One vegetable marrow

    102. Four coloured potatoes – variety to be named

    103. Four white potatoes – variety to be named

    104. Three carrots

    105. Three parsnips

    106. Two leeks

    107. Three beetroot

    108. Collection of herbs – shown in separate containers on a tray

    109. Tray of vegetables – not more than four kinds and two herbs (no tomatoes)

    110. “Disaster class” - A vegetable that has gone wrong


    Highest Points in classes 111-117 to be awarded the DAVIDSON PERPETUAL CUP

    111. Four stalks of rhubarb

    112. Four tomatoes

    113. Four Victoria plums

    114. Four cooking apples

    115. Four dessert apples

    116. Four pears

    117. A dish of any soft fruit not listed above in 111-116


    Please include Child's Age and School


    118. A decorated boiled egg

    119. Posy of flowers in a jam jar

    120. Grow some cress in an unusual container

    121. Finger painting of a flower on an A5 page



    122. Decorated kitchen roll tube

    123. A monster made from vegetables

    124. Create a picture including a rainbow - paint, crayon, pencil or marker. A4 max size.

    125. A sweetie necklace



    Highest Points in classes 126-130  to be awarded the JAMISON PERPETUAL CUP

    126. Three no bakes

    127. Fill a small matchbox with 6 interesting items and list them

    128. Create a picture of “My favourite food” - paint, crayon, pencil or marker. A4 max size.

    129. Your own design of a vehicle made from Lego to fit on an A4 page

    130. Any craft item, e.g. any item of knitting, crochet, sewing, wood craft, Hamma beads etc



    Highest Points in classes 131-136  to be awarded the ROBERTSON PERPETUAL CUP

    131. Three no bakes

    132. Three homemade cookies

    133. Create a picture of “A day at the beach” - Paint, Crayon, Pencil or Marker. A4 max size

    134. One decorated rubber glove

    135. Original poem “Family”  (At least 4 lines)

    136. Any craft item, e.g. any item of knitting, crochet, sewing, wood craft, Hamma beads etc



    Highest Points in classes 137-142 to be awarded the CRAIG CUP

    137. Three no bakes

    138. Three butterfly cakes

    139. Create a picture incorporating the Northern Lights - paint, crayon, pencil or marker. A4 max size

    140. Original photograph “Party Time ” un-mounted not to exceed 8”x6”

    141. A decorated object made from a 1 litre household carton

    142. Any craft item, e.g. any item of knitting, crochet, sewing, wood craft, Hamma beads etc



    Highest Points in classes 143-148  to be awarded the BOGGS CUP

    143. Three no bakes

    144. Three homemade brownies

    145. Original still life picture - paint, crayon, chalk, pencil or marker. A4 maximum size.

    146. Original photograph “a window with a view” un-mounted not to exceed 8”x6”

    147. An original limerick starting “There once was a busy bee” (5 lines)

    148. Any craft item, e.g. any item of knitting, crochet, sewing, wood craft, Hamma beads etc


     Highest Points in classes 149-154  to be awarded the ANNEXE PERPETUAL  CUP

    framed or unframed - ready to hang

    149. Sketching

    150. Watercolour

    151. Oils

    152. Mixed medium

    153. Acrylic

    154. Any other Medium


    Highest Points in classes 155-156 to be awarded the BEST WESTERN WHITE HORSE CUP

    Using the title  “NATURE” or “AN UNEXPECTED EVENT”


    155. Poem minimum 8 lines and maximum 24 lines

    156. Short story – 500 to 1000 words

    To be submitted in advance to the Secretary: Mrs Hester Craig, by Saturday 26th August


    Highest Points in classes 157- 163 to be awarded the EGLINTON DIY PERPETUAL CUP

    Original photograph unmounted and not to exceed 8” x 6”

    157. A splash of colour

    158. Pets in unusual places

    159. Sunset

    160. Walking with friends

    161. Interesting jobs

    162. A favourite portrait

    163. A corner of my garden


    Highest Points in classes 164-175  to be awarded the DOWD PERPETUAL  CUP

    Highest Points in classes 176-188  to be awarded the WHITE PERPETUAL  CUP

     164. “Donegal Cabled Kate Hat” by EDEL MacBRIDE - free pattern available to download HERE

    165. Hand-knitted garment in Aran style

    166. Hand-knitted garment in double knitting

    167. Hand-knitted item in chunky or bulkier yarn

    168. A hand-knitted item using recycled yarn (photo of original item to be included)

    169. Amigurumi character not greater than 15cms in height

    170. A crocheted baby present using DK yarn

    171. Any article fine crochet

    172. A crocheted garment (not cotton yarn)

    173. A crocheted cushion

    174. A crocheted item using recycled yarn (photo of original item to be included)

    175. Wall hanging using yarn any weight- not greater than 50cms x 50cms

    176. A quilted pot holder (by hand)

    177. A patchwork table runner or placemat

    178. Any article appliqué

    179. Cross stitch - Aida (reverse to be visible)

    180. Any article using felting technique

    181. Any article embroidery (reverse to be visible)

    182. Any article tapestry (reverse to be visible)

    183. One piece of hand-made jewellery

    184. Tote bag / shopper – Sewn

    185. Soft toy – from fabric or yarn

    186. A handmade bookmark

    187. A handmade greetings card

    188. Something new from something old (fabric item - identify the original items used)



    Highest Points in classes 189-197  to be awarded the VARIETY STORE PERPETUAL CUP

    189. Any article hand knitting

    190. Any article crochet

    191. Any article sewn

    192. Any article cross stitch

    193. Any article decoupage

    194. Any item of craft incorporating buttons.

    195. Any article wood.

    196. Any article diamond painting

    197. Any handicraft article not covered in the above classes


    Highest Points in classes 198-201 to be awarded the EGLINTON ANNUAL SHOW  CUP

     198. Any article of handmade Pottery

    199. Any article wood

    200. A small up-cycled item

    201. Any article showing craft work not covered in the above classes